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Middle Years Program (MYP)

Primary school at ISE is where strong foundations in learning are laid. This is also the time when students are first introduced to ISE's uniquely formulated curriculum which is a blend of the best of all taught curriculums. Primary school is also still a period where students are curious and explorative and thus every opportunity to pursue alternate skills and talents are made available to students.

Experiential Learning

Facilitators at ISE take great care in ensuring that lessons are not taught through instruction but learned through discovery. Towards this end, facilitators develop a special class plan for every class where a lesson from a textbook is brought alive through experiments, teaching aids and role-playing.

The teachers are trained on a 5E model where the approach to lesson planning is based on - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.

students perform a dramastudents with awardsart competition


Grade 1: 5 years 5 months
Grade 2: 6 years 5 months
Grade 3: 7 years 5 months
Grade 4: 8 years 5 months
Grade 5: 9 years 5 months

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