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Early Years

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Early Years Program (EYP)

The early years at ISE is focused on keeping young minds engaged with fun activities. All activities have a view towards developing social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive skills in very young children. Children's minds are kept unbridled so that their imagination which is their strongest asset at this age can be harnessed and not hindered. Facilitators assigned to the early years classes are chosen not only based on their academic merits but also on their fit in terms of emotional temperament. The entire exploratory space for the students of prep is thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on colour and shapes. This has been done to stimulate their minds towards healthy growth.

The pedagogy that is implemented is a wholesome blend of the Montessori method and best practices from different educational experts.

The classroom spaces are a well embraced part of the prep school with furniture and play aids all designed to improve the overall feeling of aliveness. ISE's unique approach to curriculum building and delivery is also very pertinent to the prep school classes.

The pre-primary is thoughtfully designed with the feel of an open classroom concept while ensuring segregation from rest of the school area to keep the toddlers safe, happy and receptive to learn in a joyful environment. A day in the life of toddlers at ISE is designed around these spaces that are secluded, safe and yet gives them a world of their own with play areas, green spaces, skill development zones, fun zones .

Music and Singing
Arts & Craft
STEM activities
In-classroom Library
Play-based assessment
Multi-disciplinary approach

Age Eligibility (as on June 1)

Prep 1: 2 years 5 months
Prep 2: 3 years 5 months
Prep 3: 4 years 5 months

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