Indian School of Excellence has a unique blend of teaching methods, curriculum, creative teaching enablers and also a focus on the student’s overall development. 


  • A conscious mix of traditional indian aesthetics and the latest technology.
  • Instil indian cultural values while developing a global perspective.
  • Junior teachers are mentored by the seniors teachers.
  • Every student in the school has an exclusive mentor who takes care of the academic and emotional needs of the child.
  • A special programme on nurturing creativity through hands-on activities.
  • Implementation of ‘creative teaching model’ for transacting the curriculum.
  • Implement programs to develop leadership among children and make them courageous.
  • Real life community projects that students take up to understand society and their responsibilities towards it.


Our goal is to create enlightened and empowered young men and women to whom success comes naturally. Indian School of Excellence realises the gravity of its responsibilities in turning the young child into a responsible citizen of the future. Hence it promises to itself and society the following core aspects of education.

Quality education : ISE offers rich, holistic and academically rigorous education that draws on local and global perspectives.

Love for learning – ISE empowers students with the skills of critical thinking, creative thinking and love for continuous learning.

Foundation for values – ISE instils in children the timeless values that are integral to living an interdependent, equitable and fulfilled life.

Student empowerment – ISE fosters student ownership of their learning, developing confidence, self-esteem and the skills to meet the challenges that confront them today and in the future.

Global citizens – ISE teaches children to be global citizens, capable of adapting to changing situations and challenges.

Our Classrooms

The classrooms are bright and airy. The furniture and scheme of each classroom has been designed for different student groups to facilitate improved teaching and learning. No section has more than 30 students.


The school is located in a serene locality removed from the crowd and noise of Bengaluru city and yet easily accessible by a short commute.