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Our School in TC Palya Indian school of excellence , Bangalore Vision We envision creating good human beings with high intellect, courage of conviction and a strong spirit to render service in the community with selflessness rooted in Indian culture with a global perspective. Mission The Indian School of Excellence is a miniature society which encourages learning with freedom, involvement and passion; where success comes naturally with emphasis on good of all and respect for all, with faith in self and trust in others to build a resurgent nation.
Principal's Message
Principal's Message "Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn"- Benjamin Franklin. The Indian School of Excellence conceptualizes this quote. Every child is a unique individual, with diverse strengths and capabilities. At ISE, we believe that every child must grow and excel in an environment conducive to acceptance, empathy, self esteem and fulfillment. We take credence in the fact that social relationships as well as development of children through play and peer interaction, significantly contribute to their growth and learning across the language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical domains of development. Education in today's fast changing world is becoming increasingly individualized. At ISE we believe in providing opportunities for students to discover and nurture their inherent capabilities, developing self confidence and making a mark for themselves, contributing to a happy, healthy and harmonious society. ISE is mentored by renowned educationists, prolific writers, able guardians and a futuristic, proactive management who have developed a curriculum that focuses on the aesthetic, spiritual and interpersonal sensibilities of the child in ways that enrich, enliven and reinforce intellectual knowing. Innovative teaching methods that include drama, exploration, story telling and other routines, along with arts, discussion, dance and sport are the significant highlights of the curriculum. Our commitment to you, is that, we, at ISE will work indefatigably, towards ensuring that your children conquer their potential. Please join us in our mission towards creating and nurturing the essence of our future-YOUR CHILDREN!!! Sujatha V. Jayaraman Principal

Our timings

[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Mon: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Tue: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Wed: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Thu: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Fri: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sat: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sun: 8:30 AM  -  3:30 PM


No. 50/1, Margondanahalli, Kithagnur Main Road, Hebron Enclave Road, Bangalore – 560 036
+91 8033769073  or   or   
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